Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units

Heavy Ball Casters

Lowest friction design

Heavy duty ball transfer units offer the lowest coefficient of friction. Expressed as a ratio less than 1:0.005; or as the breakaway point of inertia, less than 0.5% of the conveyed load.

Maximum load at any orientation

Heavy duty ball transfers are designed for use at maximum load at any angle of orientation (ball down use).

Heavy loads – 8000 kg/16000 lbs each

High capacity – heavy duty ball transfer units handle loads of 8000 kg/16000 lbs individual unit load capacity (each).

Service life and spares

Longest service life – user-serviceable service kits, full factory spares and reconditioning service.

Smooth, high-precision movement

Solid precision machined components individually assembled with 100% inspection and testing. Comes with a free 2-year warranty.

icon-maximum-loadMaximum load rating unaffected at any orientation
icon-low-frictionLow Friction
1 : 0,005
icon-high-shock-resistenceHigh Shock Resistence
icon-drain-channelsDrain / Debris Channels9000 Series only
icon-user-sevicebleUser Serviceable9000 Series only
icon-precision-machined-constructionPrecise Machined Construction

Heavy Duty Ball Transfers

Innovative patented design incorporates a hardened and precise ground internal support component.  The heavy duty design allows the internal recirculating balls to form an endless track/race to allow the full load to be applied at any angle of inclination.

Compact design allows much higher load capacity than the comparable ‘cup & ball’ hemispherical chamber design used in both Omnitrack medium duty and light duty ranges. 

Fitting and mounting options

Countersunk flange fixing

Square, circular and elliptical fixing flanges. Countersunk socket flanges (83 & 93 series) and base fixing flanges (82 & 92 series). 2, 3 & 4-hole fixing allows recessed and high-profile fitment.

Press & interference fitting

Cylindrical push fit units (80 & 90 series) can be recessed or sunk within the appropriate bore with light pressure, or (88 & 98 series) incorporate internal Tolerance ring. 80 series incorporate additional 3-hole equi-spaced internal (female) threads arranged on a pitch circle diameter.

Threaded stud units (81 & 91 series)

Incorporate an external (male) fixing thread for fitting and/or height adjustment of the ball caster (similar in appearance to setpin/bolt). Wide range of differing ISO metric and Imperial threads available with alternative thread lengths.  80 series features a hexagonal outside diameter for easy adjustment.

Spring-loaded units

Where impact, heavy shock loads or uneven track conditions exist consider the use of spring-loaded ball transfers. Cylindrical die lifters and b-bar and t-bars conveniently recess within the machine and press beds. With a pre-stressed disc spring to evenly distribute support load over a given number of units. 84 & 94 series feature external springs which can be adjusted to alter pre-loads to your application.

Pneumatic Ball transfers

Pneumatic ball transfers are raised and lowered using compressed air. Ideal for live/dead workstations and assembly areas. PS25 pneumatic ‘stops’ work as a positioning brake in conjunction with the pop-up ball units to secure. Configure and build your own system from our range of air-driven tubing, valves, switches & accessories.

Why use heavy duty ball transfer units instead of medium/light-duty ranges?

The compact design of the heavy duty ball transfer units carry significant improvements:

  • Smooth precise moment
  • Higher loads at all angles of inclination
  • High/low-temperature tolerance
  • Faster, quieter, smoother in operation
  • Engineered for the longest possible service life

Medium & light-duty units will compromise on one or more of these factors but may still suit your application.

Heavy Ball Caster Sealing

Heavy duty ball transfers with the main ball larger than 12.7 mm/1/2” all incorporate a woollen felt seal. This effectively wipes the main ball during rotation without impeding directional change. In all 9000 series, seals are replaceable. For high-temperature applications over 150 degrees centigrade, we recommend that seals are omitted. Other seal materials upon request.

Drainage channels

Except for the 91 series, 9000 series units incorporate a single drain channel. Units with ‘Z’ (arduous contention) and ‘SS’ (all stainless steel construction) have an additional drain through the centre hole.


Standard material specification – lubricated for life with Mobil Vectra 1 oil. Others are assembled dry or to specification upon request (Nucleol radiation-resistant grease).

User serviceable

We produce service kits to restore full performance (on-site and in-situ) in the event of failure for the 9000 series. Easy to dismantle and clean with full instructions and factory replacement parts. We offer factory reconditioning services for spring-loaded units.

2 years free warranty

If we agree with your application and the operating environment we’ll give you a free 2-year ‘no quibble’ warranty. Omnitrack Ball Units will keep you rolling! Click here to read more about our warranty.

Low and high-temperature operation

Heavy duty ball transfers offer the lowest and highest temperature resistance possible.  Consider the use of stainless steel upgrade options to increase resistance further. We regularly produce high-temperature variants specific to user applications. Involving the use of ceramic, Teflon, silicone nitrate (SiNi), PEEK, Torlon, alumina and zirconia materials.

Maximum speed rating

Testing in ideal conditions allows heavy duty ball transfers to run intermittently at a maximum speed of 3 meters per second (8 feet per second) at full load capacity. Continuous running requires the provision of a cooling facility.

Corrosion resistance

Standard materials contain carbon (martensitic) which allows the hardening/carburising heat treatment process to reduce wear and maintain high load capacities across the heavy duty range.

We offer differing material upgrades to help reduce corrosion in arduous or corrosive environments which include corrosion-resisting alloys (stainless steels). The options are detailed on each product page. Austenitic stainless steels are usually reserved for light loads but are only suitable for certain non load-bearing components. Diamond and ceramic coating of load-bearing components can be effective – please consult us if A, Z, SS material upgrades do not suit the operating environment.

Knowledge base – history

Omnitrack designed and patented the heavy duty ball transfers range in 1954.  Assembled and 100% product testing ensures outstanding build quality and performance. 

Heavy duty ball transfers were designed for high-temperature applications within a British Steel manufacturing plant.

Large drums containing molten steel required safe handling so the initial solution was to use inverted castors made by Autoset (Production) Ltd. This was because they could handle the high temperature, dust, scale and shock loading of this application.

Unfortunately, the heavy duty casters would not allow instant directional change due to the offset in the castor forks, or castor ‘trail’. Although conventional light-duty ball units existed at the time, they could not handle the load drums whilst withstanding high temperatures and offer instant directional change.

The Omnitrack heavy duty ball transfer unit (OTSF 4070) was first developed with an initial load capacity of 2000 kg/4480 lbs operating at a temperature of 150 degrees centigrade (300 degrees Fahrenheit). Those original units were in operation until the plant closed in 1972. Subsequently developed into what is now the 9250.

Knowledge base – Applications

What Are Some Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Unit Applications?

Torpedo/warhead handling in military applications, air, sea and subsea applications. Tube stands and pipe-bending machinery

Tube and pipeline manufacture, installation, inspection, handling and cleaning ‘pigging’.


Web guiding machines for sheet steel coils.

Press tool and die handling.


Aero-engine testing and handling.

Air cargo handling.


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