Spring Loaded & T / B-Bars

Spring Loaded Ball Transfer Units & T / B-Bars

Lowest friction design

Heavy-duty ball transfer units offer the lowest coefficient of friction. Expressed as a ratio less than 1:0.005; or as the breakaway point of inertia, less than 0.5% of the conveyed load.

Maximum load at any orientation

Heavy-duty ball transfer units are designed for use at maximum load at any angle of orientation (ball down use).

Heavy loads – 8000 kg/16000 lbs each

High capacity – heavy-duty ball transfer units handle loads of 8000 kg/16000 lbs individual unit load capacity (each).

Service life and spares

Longest service life – user-serviceable service kits, full factory spares and reconditioning service.

Smooth, high-precision movement

Solid precision machined components individually assembled with 100% inspection and testing. Comes with a free 2-year warranty.

icon-maximum-loadMaximum load rating unaffected at any orientation
icon-low-frictionLow Friction
1 : 0,005
icon-high-shock-resistenceHigh Shock Resistence
icon-drain-channelsDrain / Debris Channels9000 Series only
icon-user-sevicebleUser Serviceable9000 Series only
icon-precision-machined-constructionPrecise Machined Construction

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