Ball Transfer Units

Omnitrack’s innovative ball transfer units provide instant and precise directional change with low friction and a heavy-duty load capacity. Our patented solutions come in a wide range of styles and sizes. From steel spring-loaded units to pneumatic units that allow for air-driven positioning of conveyed item. All “in-stock” items are shipped immediately, with FREE worldwide delivery on orders over £500. Need a custom solution to meet a specific requirement? Speak with our team now — we’re always happy to help.

Discover Our Range of Ball Transfer Units

Omnitrack provides a wide range of high-precision ball transfer units. Designed for optimal directional change with the lowest coefficient of friction and the smoothest performance. You can choose material upgrades, request a bespoke solution and select from a wide range of styles and sizes, detailed below.

  • Heavy Duty

    Our heavy-duty ball transfer units come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all specifications. With an impressive load capacity of up to 8000 kg (16000 lbs) each.

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  • Medium Duty

    Omnitrack’s medium-duty ball transfer units are machined from solid steel and case-hardened for wear resistance. They are lubricated for life and zinc-plated.

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  • Light Duty

    Our light-duty ball transfer units are available as all-plastic or stainless steel units. With drop-in, pressed-flanged or high-profile, surface-mounted fixings.

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  • Ball Bars & Rails

    Our T and B-ball bars and rails provide versatile control and ease of use. They incorporate heavy-duty spring-loaded ball units for accurate positioning.

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  • Spring-Loaded & Pneumatic

    Our spring-loaded and pneumatic ball transfer units are ideal for use in unequal track/load conditions due to their exceptional shock resistance and adjustable spring pre-load.

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Why Choose Omnitrack for Your Ball Transfer Unit Solutions?

Omnitrack is the UK’s leading manufacturer of omnidirectional movement products and special application units. Our ball transfer units have been used in a wide range of applications by clients including NASA, CERN and international military organisations. We can design and build your custom solution, providing innovative designs that allow for maximum precision and instantaneous directional change.

Discover the Omnitrack Difference:

  • Heavy-duty ball transfer units capable of bearing up to 8000kg (18000lbs).
  • Unique “endless-track” internal bearing system allows for maximum precision and instantaneous directional change.
  • A comprehensive range of sizes, mounting options and material options available.
  • In-house design and production plant in Stroud, UK. Allowing us to ship immediately, provide express worldwide shipping and keep costs low.
  • All Omnitrack products come with a free two-year warranty and quality guarantee.
  • Free advice from our highly experienced technical support team.

Different types of Ball Transfer Units

Omnitrack ball transfer units (BTU) are an advanced type of bearing engineered to allow precision omnidirectional movement or conveying of heavy items.

Omnitrack units vary:

  • Construction – Pressed (stamped) steel construction, or components machined from solid steel or plastic materials.
  • Range – Light and medium duty use the simple cup and ball ‘hemispherical recirculation chamber system whereas heavy duty ranges use the ‘endless track’ or full race recirculation system.
  • Main ball size – From 12.7mm (0.5”) to 101.6mm (4”)
  • Load carrying capacity, from 15kg (35lbs) to 8000kg (18000lbs) each.
  • Materials – Chrome steel, stainless steel, Delrin (Acetal / POM)

The heavy-duty range does not normally require user servicing as they are lubricated for life and produced using the patented Omnitrack endless track design. We have come across applications where the units have been subjected in error to, for example, excessive shock loads or ingress of slurry or contaminants which has necessitated the dismantling of the unit for user servicing. In these situations, having a service kit ready on the shelf can restore the function and efficiency of the ball unit within your application in minutes!

User servicing and service kits: Can I service my ball transfer units?

Omnitrack 9000 series heavy duty ball transfer units are user-serviceable. This range used to be called the high capacity range. Compact 8000 series heavy-duty range ball transfers incorporate the ‘endless track’ or ‘full recirculation’ design. But due to their miniature size are unsuitable for user servicing.

Spring-loaded ball units from our 94 series can be reconditioned. 95, 96 and 97 series require the use of a press and special tooling to safely dismantle the ball transfer, so we recommend factory reconditioning in this case.

Ball Transfer Units Servicing

For overhaul instructions to maintain your ball transfer unit we have a video clip which guides you through the strip down, cleaning and reassembly process.

Ball transfer unit servicing requires a kit of spare parts. You can buy 2 types of service kit ‘S1’ and ‘S2’ depending on extensive you want to refurbish the ball unit. See the list of spare part components below which show which spares are included in S1 and S2 service kits.

  1. Circlip (S2)
  2. Felt seal (S1 & S2)
  3. Main ball (S1 & S2)
  4. Recirculating balls (S1 & S2)
  5. Retainer (S2)
  6. Table (S2)

To order, provide us with the original part number, any identification mark and the service kit you require (e.g. S1- [part number]). If there’s no visible part number or marking, simply send us a sketch or photo of the unit we’ll identify it from our records.

Contact us directly for advice — we’re happy to point you in the direction of the service kit you need!

Factory Reconditioning Service

Multiple fixing and spring preload variations of Omnitrack ball transfer units can usually be restored to the original performance by using our factory reconditioning service which is also available for most heavy load and custom units.

Spring-loaded ball transfers are usually prestressed to limit spring depression until a theoretical load is exceeded. Due to the preloaded state of the disc or coil springs, we use special tooling to disassemble these units safely. We’ve over 75 years of production drawings and spring configurations for all Omnitrack ball transfer units produced.  

Precision Engineers since 1909 – Original manufacturers & inventors of heavy-duty Ball Units since 1954. Omnitrack is the original manufacturers, inventors and patentees of the heavy-duty ball transfer range which has been in continuous production since 1954. The Ball Units have been marketed around the world under alternative names including Autoset Production Ltd, Autotrack (Birmingham) Ltd, Omnitrack North America Ltd, Omnitrack Srl, Omnitrack Corporation, Acme & General Bearing.  

Over the 75 years, part numbers have also changed several times but we are proud to honour our commitment to spare parts and service kits in most cases right back to ball transfers built in 1954! If you don’t recognise the part number in the current part number sequence, try entering it in the ‘SEARCH’ bar top of our homepage. This can also be used as a part number interchange for other resellers/brands too.

Want to know more about ball transfer unit servicing or how to order spare parts and service kits? Get in touch today to speak to our experts. We’re happy to answer your questions about our products and how to service them, or anything else that springs to mind!

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