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90 SeriesPlain Fit

Push fit units – outer ⌀ 0㎜ – 160㎜ 13/16″ ~ 6 19/64″

15 models

91 SeriesThreaded Stud

Screw fitting threads: metric M8-M30 & inch 5/16″-1″ UNF

20 models

92 SeriesFlange Mounted

Square, circular & elliptical base plate flanged units

10 models

93 SeriesFlange Socket

Countersunk square, circular & elliptical flanged drop in units

10 models

98 SeriesTolerance Ring

Circular flanged drop fit/tolerance ring ⌀ 0.875″ – 4.0″

5 models


Allow air-driven positioning of the omnidirectional transfers (balls / wheels / stops).

Spring Loaded

They reduce damage caused by shock loads. They also allow for dimension changes due to temperature and self-adjust to evenly distribute loads.

Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Units - Maximum Precision

"Double recirculation", heavy duty range offers maximum precision and smoothest performance.
Machined from solid steel this design provides the highest load capacity and longest service life available.
User-serviceable with factory spares backup.