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Pneumatic Ball units allow air-driven positioning of the omnidirectional ball transfers & may be individually arranged for a flexible, modular conveying plane, Having an option to add the PS25 Positioning Stops that are also pneumatically activated to stop & hold the position of the conveyed item. - Omnitrack Heavy Duty spring loaded units are ideal where uneven track conditions or shock loading occurs. the 95 series housed, 96 series flange socket & 97 series flange mounted spring-loaded options offer a full retraction of the ball within the housing. We can easily tailor spring pre-loads, defections & characteristics to your requirements. Consider alternative material upgrade options to withstand severe operating environments.


Spring Loaded

They reduce damage caused by shock loads. They also allow for dimension changes due to temperature and self-adjust to evenly distribute loads.

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Allow air-driven positioning of the omnidirectional transfers (balls / wheels / stops).

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