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9000SS – All parts in Stainless Steel

Changer d’unité

9000SS – All parts in Stainless Steel

Plain Fit Heavy Duty Ball Transfer Unit

A Diamètre extérieur 0.78720
B Hauteur totale 0.78720
C Projection de bille 0.1563.8
Charge 12050 lbkg
Bille ⌀ 0.512.7 mm
Poids 0.0880.04 lbkg
Orientation Any angle
À ressort No
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1 + 34,26
13 + 33,35
100 + 32,89
250 + 31,98

Standard Item – Assembled to Order – Normally 7 Days

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Material Options Solve specific application requirement by upgrading standard materials. Corrosion




Standard AISI 52100 high chrome steel balls & Anti-Oxide electrophoretic coating of machined steel housing. Spring mechanism parts in carbon spring steel irrespective of material upgrade options below. - - - - -
Stainless Steel Balls Upgrade: (AISI 440C) Anti-Oxide housing & load rating remain as standard.
Arduous Conditions Upgrade: Stainless Steel AISI440 internal parts & balls. Anti-Oxide electrophoretic outer casing & carbon steel spring mechanism. Spring values & load ratings as standard.
All Stainless Steel Upgrade: Stainless steel AISI304 housing. Balls & Internal parts AISI 440. Spring values & load ratings as standard.
Phenolic Resin Ball Option: Minimise marking of delicate surfaces. Friction, wear & temperature properties change. Reduced load ratings indicated.
BALL Ø (mm) 12.7 25.4 38.1+
PB Load(kg) 10 30 35

Max Load: 10,000lbs Unaffected at any angle of orientation Charge maximale: 8000 kg non affecté à n'importe quel angle d'orientation

Faible frottement
1 : 0,005

Haute résistance
aux chocs

Temperature -20/160°C Temperature - 4/608°F


Maintenance par

Tout orientation

Canaux de
drainage/ débris