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MF SeriesBottom Flange

Base plate fixing

5 models

MG SeriesPlain Fitting

Image of an mg series ball transfer unit steel materials

Interference fit

10 models

MI SeriesInternal Thread Fixing

M8 internal securing thread (female)

5 models

MO SeriesO Ring

Rubber o-ring retention

4 models

MSP SeriesBolt Fitting

image of MSP series ball transfer unit

Metric external thread (male)

10 models

MS SeriesTop Flange

Top plate fixing

5 models

M SeriesPush Fit

Machined from solid bar – top flange

8 models

MV-MW-MX SeriesAir Cargo Ball Units

Air Cargo Ball Transfers

5 models

Medium Duty Ball Transfer Units

  • Medium Duty ‘Metric’ ball transfer units are machined from solid steel bar and hardened for heavy load capacity and wear resistance.
  • Reinforced machined steel top cap protects against impact from misalignment of the conveyed item.
  • Main ball sizes larger than 19mm incorporate a felt seal to restrict contamination.
  • Lubricated for life.
  • 'M' and 'MG' series are fitted with single drain hole.